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COVERCARE - How to look after your covers

Textile Wash for CanvassBuying a new cover is all well and good but with a little care they can maintain their performance and look good for longer too!

WEATHERMAX customers only need to wash their covers clean with fresh water unless more stubborn or acidic soiling is evident. Our Care guide that accompanies every purchase details cover care and waterproofing techniques. A range of products are available for these occasions simply by contacting us.

ACRYLIC CANVASS customers: Rinse regularly with fresh water with standard running water hose pressure to ensure that dirt, dust, tree leaves, bird droppings and salt etc. are not allowed to accumulate on and become ingrained in the fabric.

Bird excrement, in particular Seagull's, is highly acidic containing high levels of phosphoric acid. Clean with a pure soap solution and rinse with fresh water. Do not store away damp or dirty. Always clean and air dry thoroughly before prolonged storage.

Holmenkol Textile Wash is ideal prior to waterproofing with Holmenkol PowerImpregnation to protect and re proof your aircraft cover.

For ODYSSEY customers cleaning procedures are very similar:

ODYSSEY fabric is finished to resist the growth of mildew. However, it should not be folded and stored while wet. Accumulations of dirt and animal droppings which can support growth of mildew and result in Power Impregnation for Acrylic Canvassfabric staining, should be removed periodically by recommended cleaning methods.

ODYSSEY fabric may be cleaned with a cleaning solution of 4 ounces of bleach and 2 ounces of mild soap mixed in one gallon of warm (100⁰ F) water. DO NOT use detergents. Use a soft, bristled brush to lift soil embedded in the fabric surface. Rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove soil and soap residue. After thorough cleaning and drying, water repellency may be reduced. The water repellency can be improved by an application of AQUA-TITE GREEN water repellent.

Care instructions for WeatherMax

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