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Designing a cover to perform all tasks is virtually impossible: after all an outdoor all-weather cover cannot be light weight and easy to stow for touring;Mixing it up with touring and hanger covers - Piper L18 Cub likewise a hangar cover cannot be expected to keep out driving rain, snow and heavy winds. Categorizing a covers use is the only way to achieve a satisfactory conclusion.

Easy to live with: a cover has to last not just one but several seasons if not more. To achieve this is must be serviceable; clips get broken, velcro gets tired, fabrics get mold or mildew, general abrasion takes place. All these problems have to be addressed.

Fit is so important, Fashion models look great because their clothes are cut to accentuate their shapes. Designing and making a pattern at Sky4 CoversYour Aeroplane is no different - they have a great shape that needs to have a close fit, a flapping sagging cover will let in weather and abrade your airframe.

Ventilation is vital to the wellbeing of an airframe,when ambient moisture levels are high moisture gets into and under a cover - especially in a hangar; so built in circulation - even better a breathable fabric ensures a dry surface.

Sun damage is the main enemy of any cover; The right tools for the right job - cutting multiplesUV will eventually destroy a cover no matter how good it is. Some of the more expensive modern materials are worth the extra outlay - as they will outperform the more traditional fabrics by a good factor.

Improvement is the only way forward, and I want to keep pushing cover development; the only way is to incorporate your ideas along with investing in better fibre technology. All Sky4 covers are made to order - your order, so it's your chance to incorporate your ideas too...

Drainage/ventilation Eyes in non breathable fabricsDrainage slots at regular intervals are especially important on trailing edges.For non breathing materials we build in baffled ventilation pockets

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